How to Host Your First Thankgiving

How to Host Your First Thankgiving

1. Be Traditional

Your first Thanksgiving is NOT the time to start changing things up. If it has worked your entire life, then why change it? Everyone will be happy with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and you will save yourself a ton of stress and time. Give your family what they want, and what they expect to have on Thanksgiving.

2. Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

Your family should be more than happy to help you with your first Thanksgiving. It is a great time to bond with your mom, or invite friends over and trade recipes and tips. You can even ask relatives and friends to bring a dish with them to ease some of the pressure for you. You could do dinner and everyone could bring desserts so that you only have to worry bout one meal. If things get really bad, Butterball is there to help you with their very own hotline!

3. Plan Ahead

Don’t think that on Thanksgiving day you are going to go get your food shopping done. There will most likely be slim pickins’ by that time! Plan your meal and what you are going to serve in advance so that you are prepared when the day finally arrives. Make sure that you have all of the ingredients you need so that you don’t have to make any last grocery store runs. Do I need to remind you of how crowded places are around the holidays?!

4. Start Cooking the Night Before

There are a lot of little things that you could start making on Thanksgiving Eve! From the stuffing, to the potatoes, and even the casseroles. You could have this all done the day before, so that you have time to relax and spend with your family on Thanksgiving day. You could even set the table and make sure that all the serving dishes are out the night before so it looks charming when everyone arrives. Everyone will be impressed if the table is set by the time they get there!

5. Don’t Forget the True Meaning of thanksgiving

Don’t be overwhelmed by the stress of cooking and getting everything together for the holiday. It’s fun to get together with your family and spend time cooking, eating, and telling stories. These are memories that will last a lifetime, so try and make every second count. You don’t want to look back and remember being too stressed out about a dinner, when there is so much more to remember.

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