Mr. Lid Containers As Seen On TV

Did you lose the lid for those leftovers? That one is too big, this one is too small. Introducing Mr. Lid, the one and only container with an attached lid. It’s neat, clean, and totally green. The secret is the patented lid design with the seal safe hinge that isn’t available on any other container anywhere. Air and bacteria spoil food, so with other containers you are wasting money. The durable Mr. Lid seal safe hinge locks in freshness so food lasts longer. Containers are a waste of space, but with Mr. Lid it’s like having an extra cabinet.

Look, this container fell. It’s a disaster. But, drop Mr. Lid and it stays perfectly sealed. It’s microwave safe and it’s great for packing the little ones lunch because the lid never gets lost. Air-tight and rust resistant, it’s perfect for fishing. Oh no! That ice melted, but lunch stays perfectly dry. In the garage, store nuts and bolts, keep Fido’s food fresh, store toys for the boys, or arts and crafts.

These containers with separate lids sell for over $99. Now you can get 3 small, 3 medium, and 3 large Mr. Lids with attached lids all for just $19.95. Call right now and get a second set free, just pay separate processing. You’ll get the Salad Set with snap in cup, a $20 value, yours absolutely free. Mr. Lid comes with a 100% risk free money back guarantee. We’ll even pay return shipping. You get it all! That’s 20 Mr. Lids with attached lids and a money back guarantee. An $80 value all for just $19.95. Also ask about the super size value set. So call now!

For a special offer, get Mr. Lid Containers here!

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